No Win No Fee Adjudication

CIBER Group facilitates dispute funding for our clients, enabling them to enter in adjudication on a no-risk basis. We are the only organisation in the UK construction industry that can offer “back to back” arrangements with our clients.

Construction funding is commonly known as “no win no fee”; however, we have several products that are more comprehensive than no win no fee, which don’t leave you picking up the “small print” consultants fees, damages or any adjudication fees in the event of a reversal.

There is little doubt today that adjudication has become fast track arbitration and the short route to justice for
the construction industry, particularly for the lower-tier supply chain levels and specialist subcontractors.

Increasingly adjudication “is” the tribunal for construction disputes as fewer and fewer disputes opt for arbitration or litigation, and yet many contractors are either entirely in the dark as to their rights to get paid or avoid the process believing it to be expensive and high risk

Many of our clients have valid claims, and yet they allow the entity above them to win the day through legal harassment and threaten financial violence, these companies rely on the submissive nature of the sub-contractor to effectively give in and roll over.

Our solution is simple that we enter the game and supply our clients with more firepower than their opponents; this evens up the contest drives out natural justice. Many of our client’s opposition employ “magic circle” solicitors, but these are taken out quickly as we have access to higher legal services and better claim consultants than they employ or can afford.

Like every project, every claim is unique once we have carried out due diligence on your claim will offer a bespoke route to getting your enforcement paid.

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